BEHIND THE SCENES: Kimpton Saint George Hotel x Amaal x tmrw magazine

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

We met up with Amaal in Toronto’s iconic Bloor – Yorkville neighbourhood in the Kimpton Saint George Hotel. A location specifically picked for its compelling mix of grit, sophistication, muted colours, moody tones and rich textures. Amaal and I are both greatly inspired by nature, so the goal was to find a space which would convey a feeling of intimacy and would be reminiscent of nature's softness, resilience, and beauty.

"The change in mood between the lounge and the meeting room reinforce the concept of distinct neighbourhoods within the city" - Kimpton Saint George Hotel

Known for their dreamy interiors and installations, Canadian firm Mason Studio designed the 14-story hotel integrating elements of Toronto’s vibrant cultural scene and personality, marking the first outpost of the Kimpton hotel branch in Canada.

Upon arrival, you'll first notice the striking exterior black wood awning at the main entrance, punctuated with pin-like lights spelling Kimpton in Braille lettering, and the 10-storey high hand-painted geometric owl mural on the west-facing facade of the building, commissioned well-known street artist BirdO. Continuing the narrative of the interior experience to the exterior, all the details of the decor are perfectly tied together creating a coherent space throughout the 188-room property.

Featuring a marble desk framed with wooden arches and a hand-painted backdrop of a misty Toronto-inspired scene, the reception area welcomes you into its soothing atmosphere. Designed to feel like a living room, the lobby's alluring guest lounge puts its warm bohemian spirit on display and presents a collection of artwork, bespoke furniture, lighting, a fireplace and objects, many crafted by local makers. The arches strategically place all through the hotel serves as a visual guide to lead guests throughout the space while paying homage to Toronto’s diverse architectural style and eras. To contrast the shades of beige, accents of greens, blues, golds, and greys are enclosed to reflect Canada's vast expanses of untouched nature. The cool colours are balanced by the warmth of plush textiles, creating the perfect blend of earthy tones and sleek textures.

Giving guests an experience parallel to a well-appointed apartment in the neighborhood, the guest rooms feature mid-century-inspired furnishings with sleek brass accents, record players with vinyls, and locally-crafted decorative objects. Every element in the apartment-like suites is carefully designed to make you feel at home, offering guests a distinct sense of place. As a playful nod to the city's famous albino squirrels, a white resin squirrel figurine created by local art duo Greatbeard was added inside each of the room's oak-and-rattan armoires.

The Kimpton Saint George Hotel has 188 guest rooms (including 20 suites), a Presidential Suite, a fitness centre, meeting and event space.

Perfectly designed to inspire you to cultivate your desire for exploration and discovery.

"We want to discover what it means to be human and what common threads bind us in similarity even as we celebrate our differences. After all, that’s what Toronto is all about." 

More than just the looks, what makes a great brand is their philosophy. Creating meaningful, heartfelt, human connections is at the core of their values. One of their unique offerings: The Kimpton Stay Human Project. An authentic guest experience to explore what humanity means to you. Another aspect of the brand that we adore is their love for music. We both have the shared belief that music has the incredible power to bring people together. Music is a big part of our creating process, and we were thrilled to have the Kimpton as a collaborator for our editorial shoot celebrating Amaal's EP release.

Their OFF THE RECORD concert series is all about celebrating the sounds that connect us. They’ve invited some of their favourite bands to play intimate shows all over the US and Canada. Their new music series is also proud to support The Trevor Project, a longtime partner of the Kimpton.

The Kimpton Saint George Hotel offers an impeccable service that will definitely exceed your expectations. Everything is perfectly thought out and impeccably executed! The ultimate home away from home, or as they put it "the escape from home you never thought you needed".

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